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The paddle is drawn through the crystal clear water and the kayak slides slowly across the calm waters in complete tranquility. The only sound to be heard is a sudden splash or a bird flying low. The mountains surrounding you, vast and at the same time reassuring. You are on a mountain tour but in the elements of water.

Welcome to our Mountain Kayak Centre, situated on the southern shores of lake Ottsjön looking across on the magnificent mount Ottfjället. Authentic wilderness as well as living villages and cultural landscapes near by. From two hour tours to adventures lasting the whole day. We have tours accomodating everyone, from beginners to the more advanced. We promise you an unforgettable experience!

You find the center 17 km south of Undersåker on the road to Vålådalen. When you pass the bridge over Storån you see the sign on the right side and parking space on the left. Walk 150m down to the beach and you will find the center. The beach is one of the best in the region and great for swimming. Map.

ATI Mountain Experience is an approved Ecotourism operator. All our kayaking tours are quality labeled Natures Best - which guarantees you tours of the highest quality!


Minimum 3 guests. For company groups, please request a quote. Children under the age of 12 half price.


  • SUN, WIND OR WATER..., A half day, approx 4 h, 750 SEK

In your kayak you´ll always feel warm and content no matter what the weather is like. If you are lucky it´s windy enabling you to play around in the waves. If on the other hand the water is calm, peace, quiet and an outstanding contact with nature is your reward. A half day tour with focus on kayaking and fantastic nature experiences. And of course we will stop for picnics on some of the beautiful sandy beaches. Perfect for families!


  • MORNING GLORY, Kayaking at breakfast, approx 3 h, 700 SEK.

Start your day quietly by paddling to the historic Ridvadet. Climb out of the kayak and enjoy freshly baked bread straight from the camp fire and hot exhilirating coarse grinded coffee. Perhaps you can even hear the Karoliner soldiers from centuries back galopping through the waters on the shallow sandy delta of Ridvadet...


  • I CAN YAK... Try kayaking, approx 2 h, 450 SEK

During a couple of hours you will learn the very first basic techniques of kayaking. A lovely little tour of Ottsjön follows, and on your return the hot course grinded coffee awaits on the camp fire... Perfect for families!


  • CARPE DIEM, Full day, approx 7 h, 1.150 SEK

Experience a day on the waters and shores of lake Ottsjön, with beautiful wilderness and a rich cultural landscape, mountains surrounding us in all directions. Listen to the water lapping, the sound of fixes and the stories of the people of this area. Fill your lungs with truly clean air and dive into the crystal clear water if you fancy a swim. If you are a novice to kayaking we will start by teaching you the basic techniques. And the we will take a wonderful tour of this beautiful lake. Lunch prepared on an open fire is included. If you are interested and there is enough time we can paddle up the exciting rapids of the river Vålån. If we are lucky we might even see beavers and dippers.


  • TWILIGHT, Evening kayaking, approx 3 h, 750 SEK

Summer evenings in a kayak is just something you have to experience! Day meets night. Mountains, forests and water meet the sky. And somewhere in the middle there is you. The coffee pot is on the fire and nothing exists but this very moment. Everything else is far, far away...




Kajak:  K1  K2 
1/2-day / kväll (3 h) 300:- 500:-
1 day (> 3 h)

750:-  (Familyprice (1a+1c) 650 SEK)

2 days/1 night
700:- 1.200:-
3 days/2 nights
4 days/3 nights

 Fore several days, contact us!


PAYMENT: We take creditcard

Warmly welcome to our kayaking tours!


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